Choujin Locke: Mirror Ring

Locke the Superman: Mirror Ring


"Locke the Superman, Mirror Ring" is the 30th Anniversary Episode following '84, "Locke the Superman, Mirrenian the witch" (Theatrical Version), '89, "Lordleon" (OVA) and '91, "New World Command" (OVA).

In the space history year of 0375, the killing Plan of Esper and the Imperial Plan met with failure. Run, who had executed these plans because of his partiality for his own self-made computer named Elena, lived together with Locke and Near under their protection. At the same time, Cassandra and Barcov of the Hackers netted the widely dispersed computers in each corner of space, and they succeeded in reviving some abandoned programs. This was the federal administrative computer, Elena. She tried to start the previous Imperial Plan again. When Locke found out about it, he set off to stop it. At the same time, the federal administration which detected something abnormal, also started to move. Involving Run and Near who chased Locke, the confusion was expanding to the entire Galaxy...

(Source: AniDB)