Love Lab

Renai Lab


Natsuo Maki is the most mature of all the dignified young ladies at Fujisaki Girls Academy. As the student president, Maki is revered by all the other young girls for her grace and poise. What happens behind closed doors, though, is an entirely different story. One day, Natsuo decides to practice her kissing technique on a pillow, a move which makes her look neither graceful nor elegant. Unluckily, fellow student "Wild Kid" Riko Kurahashi walks in on her.

Luckily, instead of making fun of her, Riko chooses to help her. The two begin a project called the Love Lab, intended to practice the essentials of love and romance. Bumping into each other "accidentally," holding hands, and more "love techniques."

Soon the rest of the student council is pulled into the girls' Love Lab, and then the rest of the school. Suddenly the student council's job has expanded to include answering anonymous questions about romance. And it becomes quite clear that many girls at the academy long for a bit of romance in their lives!

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