Mori no Youki na Kobito-tachi: Belfy to Lillibit

Littl' Bits

Lutinette et Lutinou

Belfy and Lillibit

Berufi To Rirubitto

森の陽気な小人たち ベルフィーとリビット

This family-friendly series features a community of tiny forest pixies living in a quaint, old fashioned village. Kind-hearted Belfy, adventurous Lillibit, mischievous Napoleon and tiny Chuchuna have adventures with their friends and help out those around them. With the guidance of wise village elder Ronji, competent (but not always sober) Doctor Dokkorin, authoritative Mayor Maymond and Lillibit's hardworking parents Rock and Marla, the children learn lessons about kindness, friendship, courage, hard work, perseverance, following your dreams, standing up for what's right and rising up to face life's unexpected challenges.