Samurai Flamenco



Inspired by hero shows and his own grandfather, driven by an unfaltering sense of justice, one man stands up for what is right. By day, he is superstar model Masayoshi Hazama. By night, he is Samurai Flamenco! His outfit may be handmade and cheesy, and his fighting skills might be nonexistent, but that doesn’t stop Masayoshi. He’ll clean this city of crime, one misdemeanor at a time-as soon as the bad guys start taking him seriously.

Masayoshi might start out as a nobody, but he doesn’t let that stop him. Before he knows it, his vigilante alter-ego has gained the attention of quite a number of people. Joined by good-guy cop Hidenori Goto, a J-pop star trio, an actor and martial artist master, and a motley crew of other characters, Masayoshi lives out his dream of becoming a tokusatsu superhero.

But the dream is about to turn into a nightmare. Samurai Flamenco’s crime-fighting ways escalate quickly from preventing littering and petty theft to insane adventures and the fate of the world resting squarely on his costumed shoulders. What makes a true hero? Masayoshi is about to find out.

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