Unico: Mahou no Shima e

The Fantastic Adventure of Unico 2

Unico Movie 2

Unico: To the Magic Island

Unico in the Island of Magic

ユニコ 魔法の島へ

Based on "Unico and the Kingdom of the Sun," which was newly written as a theater version, this animated film features a battle between the wizard Kukuruku and Unico. Kukuruku builds a castle using dolls transformed from men as building parts. The story revolves around the sorrow and terror of men who have been transfigured into dolls, and a girl named Cherry who wishes to recover the kindness in her brother, who is a student of Kukuruku. This work reminds us of the fact that "transformation" or "transfiguration" - favorite themes of Tezuka Osamu - involves not only material aspects, but also man's immaterial heart.

(Source: Tezuka Osamu's Website)