Aaron Yujik


Nationality: Russia Mars Ranking: unknown Age: 25 Height: 190 cm Weight: 101 kg Surgery Base: Chinese red-headed centipede Eye Color: Grey Blood Type: AB Favorite Food: Gelatin Dislikes: Business hotels that have hard to use temperature controls. Date of Birth: July 15 (Cancer) Hobbies: Reading and blending black tea A Russian soldier that joined the Annex I project under Sylvester Asimov's command alongside his wife Nina Yujik. He is a very kind hearted man who loved his wife very much. Despite his sharp stature, he cared deeply about his unit members, willing to do their duty in place of them because they had children while he did not. After receiving his M.O. Operation Aaron gained abilities of the Chinese red-headed centipede. This make his skin (with the exception of his joints) both resilent and hard. (Source: Terra Formars Wikia)