Accela Warrick


Age: 20 Height: 155 cm (5'1") Hair Color: Red Eye Color: Green A redheaded, shy, information specialist of the PROCEED Team. Accela is a good cook. She takes care of Solty temporarily after Roy scolds her. Her PROCEED suit only appears in the last 4 episodes. It is white and allows her greater computer network access. After her friends were killed at the hands of the R.U.C., she went on a maddened rampage by piloting the gargantuan floating vessel Hilga, docked inside R.U.C. itself. During the rampage, she destroyed large parts of the city with Hilga's powerful hyper beam cannon. After hearing the conversation between Solty and Rose, she self-destructed the vessel in order to stop the hyper beam cannon from firing. She managed to survive, and later recovered in a hospital with Integra. (Source: Wikipedia)