Access Time


Like Finn, Access is Chiaki's "side-kick" who detects demons and is the one who gave Chiaki the power to transform into Kait� Sinbad and to seal demons; he apparently chose the name Sinbad for Chiaki from a movie poster. He is a dark angel (kuro-tenshi) but becomes a semi-angel (jun-tenshi) in volume 6 of the manga. However, he gives all of his holy power to Finn so she could be reborn, and thus turned back into a dark angel. He loves Finn. He is so deeply in love with her, even working to become a full angel so that he could be reincarnated with her. In the manga, Access becomes reborn as Shinji Minazuki, Miyako and Yamato's son. When he sees Finn (Natsuki) and that she's holding his earring, he proposes to her at the spot. (Source: Wikipedia)