Also Known As:

  • The Elegant

Adiane the Elegant is the second of the Spiral King's Four Supreme Generals, and the only female general among their number. She is good friends with her fellow General, Thymilph, though Guame jokes that they had a closer relationship. She implies this friendship was strong because both Guame and General Cytomander treat her as an inferior because of her gender, while Thymilph respected her as a warrior. After Thymilph's death, Adiane is stunned and vows revenge, volunteering to attack the Team Dai-Gurren when given the opportunity by Lordgenome. Though she refused his aid as she blamed him for Thymilph's death, Adiane recruits Viral after he saved her from being crushed by the Dai-Gurren after an attempt to execute Nia once she learns Lordgenome abandoned her. But because of her boasting and staking of her pride on the task, Adiane refuses to return to Teppelin until she destroys Team Dai-Gurren, using the sea to her advantage when the Dai-Gurren crosses it on its way to Teppelin. Having Viral pilot her Dai-Gunkai to drag the Dai-Gurren into the cold depths, Adiane engages in personal combat with the Gurren-Lagann in her Sayrune to ensure no interference. But the plan fails and Adiane attempts to take Nia hostage until Yoko disables the Sayrune's shoulder, leaving it opened to close-range fire from the Dai-Gurren's artillery cannons and killing Adiane instantly in the explosion. Adiane looks almost completely human, though she has a long, thick scorpion tail and a snake eye. She wears an eyepatch over her left eye and dresses in a loose fitting dress and heels. She is intensely hot and impulsive, often letting her anger get the better of her and land her in sticky situations or taking out her frustrations out on Viral. Despite this impetuous disposition, she is extremely skilled, and is able to battle five powerful Gunmen at once outside of her natural element of water. Adiane's name is based on the DNA chemical adenine and the elemental Undine. Her Gunmen, Sayrune, is based on the mythical Azure Dragon, Seiryuu.