Adlet Mayer


Also Known As:

  • The World's Strongest

Age: almost 18 One of the 7 heroes trapped inside the mist barrier. Self-proclaimed "strongest man on earth", he has the verbal tic of using those words in almost every sentence, a verbal tic that people often poke fun at, calling him an idiot. He has an abnormally strong will, never giving up even in the dire situations, as well as a strong sense of camaraderie and friendship. He defines himself as an "ordinary person", opposed to the other heroes who are either genius fighters or Saints. At the age of ten, after that all the people around him were either killed or taken away by the cunning kyouma leader Tgurneu, he became the disciple of Atoro, an old warrior specialized in the hunt and killing of kyouma, from who he undertakes a really harsh training for eight years. From him, he learned how to fight cunningly, using everything like darts, smoke bombs, explosives, traps in order to bring down his opponents, as well as how to craft those tools, the weaknesses of every type of kyouma, and gained scientific knowledge as well. Due to the harsh 8 years of training, he's really resilient and faster than most of the other heroes. He usually wears four leather belts with a lot of little pouches which are full of those tools, and fight strategically, trying to bring his opponent's guard down and surprise him with his different tools. His main weapon is a short sword, used more often in order to parry his opponent's attacks rather than to attack his opponents. He takes pride in his method of fighting, saying that the strongest man on earth is someone who uses everything to bring down his opponent and win. He's also well aware that for an ordinary person, becoming the strongest man on earth can only be done with this kind of methods. Because of those methods, he's looked down by others who call his ways of fighting dirty and despicable. With Mora, he's one of the two heroes who usually try to calm down others when they start fighting. He usually tries to talk things out rather than fight himself as well, and among the heroes, is the character who trusts the others the most easily. Because of what happened in his village, he harbors a strong hatred for Tgurneu.