Adolf Reinhardt


Nationality: Germany Mars Ranking: #2 Age: 27 Height: 180 cm Weight: 88 kg Surgery Base: Electric Eel (Electrophorus Electricus) Eye color: light green Blood type: O Favorite foods: his wife's cooked curry, formerly cabbage rolls. Dislike: trash cans with springs that hold the lid too tightly Birthdate: December 25 (Capricorn) Talent: cooking all kinds of food Despite his intimidating appearance and initial bluntness, Adolf is a really kind and caring person, who is willing to put his life on the line in order to protect those in his care. Despite hating what his wife did to him, he couldn't bring himself to divorce, as she was the first person that made him feel like a normal human. In the anime his selfless nature was shown at a very young age, when he volunteered to become the test subject of the M.O. Operation in order to save other children from the suffering. Because of his appearance, he always tried to look confident and menacing, hiding his loneliness. At the age of 7, Adolf with his parents joined the BUGS-2 Project. However, his parents did not survive the surgery and thus was picked up by the military and became a experimental subject for the M.O. Operation after his relatives were gone. Although he was able to go to school, he was kept under a strict duty of confidentiality in addition to the surveillance and health inspection. In his time being an experiment for the M.O. organ, the German military discovered the Treehopper body enhancement technique from his experimentation results and thus applied it in future M.O. operations. One day while he was outside of the school eating a loaf of a bread, he met a girl that was brooming the grounds and eventually formed a relationship with her. After marrying her and having a child, Adolf was enraged to hear that the child did not have an M.O. organ and refused to hear anything of it afterwards; (It is believed that this child was formed through an adulterous affair) This was due to him being afraid of losing the only person that made him feel "Human". After becoming an officer he trained his recruits becoming a father-figure for them. After receiving his M.O. Operation Adolf gained the powers and abilities of the Electric Eel, making his body stronger, more durable, and allowing him to generate incredibly powerful electric shocks from his muscles. (Source: Terra Formars Wikia)