Also Known As:

  • Agu-chan

Agumon is a short and stout dinosaur-like Digimon. The most well-known appearance of Agumon is in the Digimon Adventure anime as the partner of Taichi Yagami, in which Agumon's personality is extremely brave, relaxed, and funny. He can evolve into Greymon (Champion), MetalGreymon (Ultimate), WarGreymon (Mega) and Omnimon through DNA Digivolution with MetalGarurumon. In Digimon Savers, Agumon is given a slightly different design as he is taller, has more teeth, longer claws, wider forearms and red training bracers. He is partnered with Masaru Daimon and evolves into GeoGreymon (Champion), RizeGreymon (Ultimate) and ShineGreymon/ShineGreymon Burst Mode (Mega). (Source: Wikipedia)