Aiko Tokosumi

往住 愛子

Also Known As:

  • Anko

Anko's dream is to be an idol (pop singer), but her dream is shattered once she becomes one of the contracted pilots for Zearth. Anko is the daughter of a journalist who discovered her involvement with Zearth. She told her father all the truth when questioned by him, except about her ultimate fate. Anko's father and the military attempted to fabricate a story about Zearth and the children to soothe the public opinion. However, they were preempted by Karita, a boy who appeared on TV earlier falsely claiming he was a Zearth pilot and whose comments raised the public opinion's hate for Zearth, culminating in his assassination. Afterwards, Anko's father received an authorization to broadcast his daughter's battle from inside the cockpit to the whole world. Even when seeing Anko at grave danger as the acid flowing from enemy's piercing needles managed to breach the cockpit, almost killing her and Machi, her father did not stop the transmission despite objections from the others. However, after sending these images to the world, messages supporting his daughter came to the station and he used them to encourage her to fight back. She managed to turn the tide of the battle by using the same needles the enemy robot pierced at Zearth's body to knock it down, and after the match was decided, her father revealed to her that he kept his cool at that moment because he was told about her inevitable death. After sending a message to the world apologizing for the casualties occurred during Zearth's battles, Anko sealed her victory by destroying the enemy cockpit, and died in her father's arms. Her chair was a round stool with no legs. Thanks to Anko's declaration, the army managed to create its official version of the story, claiming that Zearth's only pilots are Komo, Anko and the deceased Karita, in spite of all three now being dead. Anko's story is far different in the anime series. Her father is a journalist who is working with Komoda's father and Kanji's mother not only to find a way to save the children from the contract, but to reveal the truth about Zearth to the whole world, despite the government's efforts to hide it. But he is forced to resign from his position at the TV station where he works after his affair with a famous model is disclosed, just by the time she is chosen to the Tenth match. Thanks to Kanji, with whom she became very close, not only she found the strength to bear with the whole scandal, but to fight her enemy head on, and obtain a quick victory, before passing on happily at his arms. (Source: Wikipedia)