Aine Yukimura

雪村 愛音

In the anime, Aine-chan doesn't show up until halfway through the series! Λucifer has gone through a lot to become a popular band when Sakuya finally meets Aine after almost running her over with his motorcycle. Aine's personality is still shy, but she is not nearly as spineless as she seems in the manga. Aine is a very lonely girl. Her parents are never home, and when they are, they argue a lot and ignore her. At school, she has a boyfriend, but he is rude to her, and is just using her to do his homework for him. She does have two girls who are friends, but they are so carefree and band-crazy, that she doesn't feel much of a connection with them. To fill her loneliness, Aine-chan writes a song that she puts her emotions into. After meeting Sakuya, she leaves her lyrics behind by mistake. He finds them and becomes interested in Aine. Once she is recruited as Λucifer's songwriter, she works hard to write music for them. Her relationship with Sakuya builds MUCH more slowly.