Airi Kashii

香椎 愛莉

Also Known As:

  • Airin
  • Prismatic Bud

Birthday: April 5th (Aries) Blood Type: A Height: 168 cm Position: Center Class: 6-C The most quiet and shy girl of the five. Due to being too tall and well endowed for her age, she has an extreme complex about her height, which causes her to burst into tears whenever any mention of it is being made. She happens to be the oldest girl in the group as well, being born in April. It took a challenge from Subaru's childhood friend, Aoi, to overcome her height complex and fully accept her role as the team's Center. It was also revealed that Airi has a fear of deep water due to an accident. With Aoi's help, she was able to overcome her phobia. For the above reasons, she greatly respects Aoi and became like an older sister to her. (Source: Wikipedia)