Airi Sena

瀬名 愛理

Birthday: October 24th Blood Type: A Height: 158cm B/W/H: 82/57/85 Airi is a second-year student at Yuihime Girls' Academy and the principal's daughter. At first, she was against the merger and rejected the male students from Kagamidai Academy. She is elected as a class representative alongside Shingo, and has the best grades among all second-year students. Although she was raised in an upper class family in the Old District, Airi moved into a low-priced apartment in the New District when she began attending Yuihime Girls' Academy. She frequents a local supermarket in the New District for low priced food and other daily necessities. Airi comes to accept both the merger and male students from Kagamidai Academy. In the last episode, she drafts a petition to uphold the merger. (Source: Wikipedia, Official)