Aisha Codante

アイシャ コーダンテ

Mirage Knight no.2, Aisha is a princess of the Codante family, cousins to the Amaterasu branch of the Imperial line. She is Amaterasu's closest advisor and right hand in many matters of state (she is also the Prime Minister of Grees). She is one of a few Mirage Knights who are able to masquerade as Amaterasu when he’s out playing mortar headd meister, Ladios Sop. Aisha Codante is a lovely woman in her late middle years, though she appears somewhat younger than her actual age. She is short for a headdliner, being 180cm tall and weighing around 67kg (although she wouldn't want anyone knowing her weight) when most headdliners (even women) top 190cm. Aisha is a fearsome warrior, being one of the strongest Mirage Knights and one of the finest headdliners in the galaxy. Though she herself does not posses the rank of Knight Master, she is easily as strong (or stronger) than many headdliners who have attained the rank. Aisha proves this when she easily overpowers the Knight Master Allen Braford during the Emperor Rescue Mission. Aisha has a very easy-going attitude and is quite independent. She has a bit of a rebellious streak in her and oftentimes takes unnecessary risks. Her fatima is Ballanche no. 39 Alecto, with whom she has a very close personal relationship. Aisha is also deeply in love with Amaterasu, though he never returns her feelings. Due to this, Aisha has various affairs with other headdliners, though none develop into a full relationship. Over the course of the story, Aisha pilots a Cross Mirage, a Terror Mirage and a LED Mirage. She has a younger sister named Wascha who appears much later in the story.