Mizuki Akabayashi

赤林 海月

Also Known As:

  • Awakusu's Red Demon

A high-ranking member of Awakusu-kai. He's also a very remarkable fighter, as he and his partner Aozaki can defeat the powerful Vorona and Slon with ease. He fell in love with Sonohara Sayaka, Anri's mother, when she slashed his eye with Saika (since Akabayashi gouged his eye out before Saika's 'love' could infect him, he didn't succumb to its power), but Sayaka refused him as she was already married. When Sayaka's husband became a drug addict and abused his family, Sayaka killed him and killed herself, which is the reason Akabayashi is very particularly against drug dealings. After Sayaka died, Akabayashi helped Anri sell the antiques in her parent's store to provide for her until she's 18.