Akane Narita

成田 茜

Akane is one of Makoto's three older sisters and a make-up artist, though still technically a student. She's 22 years old and the first one to know about Makoto's secret relationship with Ito. Akane is very nice and helps them out whenever she can. She appears to like Ito a lot, and she looks almost exactly like Makoto (though she cut her hair about halfway through the first volume). Out of his entire family, Akane seems to be the most supportive of Makoto's decision to become an actor, and she also helps him a lot when he's in trouble (i.e: brings him clothes, make-up, or costumes when he needs it and helps him pick out girl clothes). It was in fact Akane who inspired Makoto to become an actor when she snuck him out of the house after a frustrating argument with his father to see a local play. Thanks to her talents Makoto can easily pass as a girl all through high school; she even taught him how to do his makeup and everything without her. Although she is a quiet and naturally formal type of person, she is also observant and wise. Eventually she meets Ito's brother Yûto, and the two hit it off very well. Though the name Akane has a variety of different spellings, it means "madder," a flower, which corresponds to her two sisters' names. (from wikipedia)