Akane Soir


Also Known As:

  • Malachite of Purity

The top Pearl class student at the academy and leader of the Trias. She harbors romantic feelings for Kazuya. Like Mai, she was torn between love and her dreams of becoming a Meister Otome. She was appointed Meister to the king of Florence in replacement for Rosalie, who had planned to retire, but abandoned her dream to run off with Kazuya. Before the two could consummate their relationship, they were found and Kazuya was dragged off to become the emperor of Cardair, while she was arrested by Otome Pillar #5, Maya Bryce. Akane chose to become his Meister and uses the Malachite of Purity GEM; however, she's not pleased about it. Her Meister Robe is tiger themed and sports a pair of cat ears, as a reference to My-HiME, as her Child was Harry, a tiger type. She has resolved to lose her virginity to Kazuya, though Maya has told her she would not allow it. (Source: Wikipedia)