Akane Tendou

天道 あかね

Also Known As:

  • Macho Chick

Height: 5'2" Hobbies: Martial arts (especially for anger-management), sports Akane is far from being delicate and her exuberant, life-loving demeanor is apparent in everything she does. Although she appears to be non-klutzy on the movement scale, she's a lead weight in the water. Possessing a sweet, trusting face, many boys have become smitten with her. Her eyes are a dark blue (brown in the anime), almost black, and have unnotable eyelashes. She has an unextraordinary nose, and a cute smile that usually sends boys, including Ranma, into freezing fits. Akane's navy blue hair is cut short and sort of boyishly (initially the cutting of her hair was accidental, but she grew to love it after accepting her long hair did not reflect her as well as it did on her sister Kasumi). She doesn't like being called a "tomboy", "ugly," or "uncute." It is quite possibly the fastest way to get malleted by Akane. The second fastest way to get malleted by Akane is to grope her. She very much dislikes perverts, nor does she like being groped. However, the usual perverts of Nerima seem to slip by much easier than Ranma does who apparently is a subconscious pervert and is always getting malleted by Akane for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Akane is a fiery young beauty. She doesn't like to be dominated or told how she should act or be. Most importantly, she is herself. Despite what some people would tell, Akane is a very complex person. She had different attitudes towards different people--to most, she would be a sweet, good-natured person with just a hint of a quick temper. To Ranma, though, she comes off as a man-hating, violent tomboy. First impressions are a big deal with her. Akane has a problem with acting feminine. This is because she's had very few female role models in her life, besides Kasumi, whom for a great many years Akane modeled herself after. Almost anything that the Japanese attribute to females: tea ceremony, gymnastics, etc., Akane struggles with. Even society's rules on how a girl should act in a relationship, she defies. Akane has lived in the Tendo Dojo with her three sisters and father all of her life. Her mother died when she was particularly young, and therefore for most her childhood Akane was raised by her eldest sister, Kasumi, and her father, Soun.