Akari Dezart

燭 デザルト

Birthday: December 23 Age: 33 Height: 185cm (6'1") Blood Type: O Llikes: Research, Exploring undeveloped areas, Board games Dislikes: People who try to appeal to others using clever words, when they think there is merit in doing so; Hirato, too, but for completely different reasons. Food he Likes: Black tea, Brown sugar from corals Food he Dislikes: Smoked tarunero (fish) Hair Color: Pink Eye Color: Peach A dominating person. There are times when he is insensitive, saying things like "What's wrong with telling the truth? If you don't like it, then improve things!". He repeatedly makes enemies among the nurses. He hasn't got any evil intentions. Among the nurses there is also a faction which wants to aid him. When the doctor who was his former tutor was still on active duty, he studied hard under his guidance and demonstrated his intelligence. Akari's name means "light, candlepower." (Source: Extra pages from chapter 18)