Akari Kurakawa

倉川 灯

Also Known As:

  • Rimyuel

Job: Garbage Girl II Birthday: November 12 Class: 3-C Bloodtype: AB (?) Height: 138 cm Weight: 34 kg BWH: 67-49-69 An icy girl that is not concerned about what people around her thinks or her. She is part of the 3-C and a member of the Biology Club, her hobby is to creation of robots... and she is obsessed to make them "humans". NoHeart add: That's why she got confused about the reactions of the students changed quite dramatically between Keima's adds (better acceptance) and her owns (worst acceptance).(Source: Flag 110) Left-handed. It is revealed that she works with Nikaido and may be from Hell. Her role in the human realm is to capture members from an evil organization known as "Vintage". In one attempt, Akari uses a fake runaway spirit signal in order to draw in these members, but Keima interrupts, thinking the signal is a real runaway spirit. (Source: Wikipedia)