A detective who shows interest as well as familiarity with Nijū-Mens�'s mode of operation and history. He first approaches Chiko when she is returned to her aunt after several years with Nijū-Mens� and suggests that Nijū-Mens� is alive. After Akechi returns the Anastasia Ruby, previously held by Nijū-Mens� for safekeeping, to Chiko, she accepts Akechi's challenge to see which of the two will find Nijū-Mens� first and he recognizes Chiko as a detective by taking up the endeavour. Nijū-Mens� briefly impersonates Akechi to save Chiko from the White Haired Devil, though the real Akechi appears to afterward to chase after Nijū-Mens� when Chiko is taken by the Devil. As a detective, he is known and respected by the city police and is able to gather information on Nijū-Mens�, which he shares with Chiko. He is the first to suspect Nijū-Mens�'s prior history as scientist attempting to create the "fourth state of water" will have dangerous consequences on Tokyo, but upon finding Nijū-Mens�, Akechi allows him to leave and complete his mission and not arrest Nijū-Mens� for the time being. (Source: Wikipedia)