Aki Adagaki

安達垣 愛姫

Also Known As:

  • The Brutal Princess

Aki Adagaki is a rich, beautiful girl who treats all boys like dirt. She has the talent of giving all boys who ask her out a unique and mocking nickname. She has no real sense of what to do outside, as shown as when she wore cosplay to a date. She is shown to rely on her maid heavily, although she does not treat her well. She is also shown to having a huge appetite, which causes her great embarrassment. According to her confession about Masamune in her childhood, she was abandoned by him without any notice just after promising that she would stay with her even if her parents were to divorce. But since the time he disappeared, she got a huge appetite and is still searching for the reason through Gasou Kanetsugu or the self-proclaimed Masamune of her childhood.