Aki Jakago

蛇籠 飽

Also Known As:

  • Monarch of Suisou Academy

Blood Type:AB Mentality:Abnormal School: Suisou Academy Affiliation: Previously is Suisou Student Council Position:Previously is President Abnormality:Aero Biker Jakago is quite egoistical, as she dominates Suisou Academy with her skill, Aero Biker. Despite her personality, she is an effective president, as she welcomes with all new transfer students, and usually takes care of troublemakers before they can cause problems. She is also highly perceptive, recognizing Misogi Kumagawa as being beyond her ability to handle. It was due to this intuition that Saki Sukinasaki made her president. However, for all her boasting, Jakago never realized she was merely Sukinasaki’s puppet. Her haughty demeanor also crumbled easily when confronted with the vastly superior abilities of Kumagawa, and she was reduced to begging for mercy. (Source: Medaka Box Wiki)