Akiha Toono

遠野 秋葉

Also Known As:

  • Crimson Red Vermillion Akiha

Birthday: September 22 Height: 160 cm Weight: 45 kg BWH: 73-57-79 Shiki's younger sister and the current head of the Toono family. She is very prim and proper and carries a grace and nobility about her. As the story progresses, the viewer discovers that she has had mysterious powers since childhood. When her Toono blood awakens, her hair turns a crimson shade and she can literally suck the heat out of her surroundings, which creates a burning effect on the object. (Source: Wikipedia) Note: "Akiha Toono" is the correct spelling of this name per Hepburn romanization, which is used as a MyAnimeList standard. Please do not submit changes for the name.