Akihiro Tsukuba

筑波 秋博

Birthday: February 28th (Pisces) Height: 167 cm Weight: 60 kg Blood Type: AB School: Municipal Mizusawa High School - Year 1 Class 10 - Karuta Club member Karuta Society: Shiranami Society - C Class - - - - A boy who joins the Karuta Club at the start of Chihaya's second year. He is originally from Hokkaido and is a master at playing second verse karuta using two hands. He joins the club to learn how to play first verse karuta.(Source: Wikipedia) - - - - Tsukuba played the Hokkaido-style Karuta until his last year in middle school, therefore he came to the Karuta club very confident. Even though the rules are different than what he’s used to, he has a drive to become strong and becomes a Karuta club member. Personality: An annoying-creepy-character that you just cant hate. Even though he sometimes says things that a kohai would never say, he understands and respects the kindness of his senpais. He is an older brother who is always showered with respect from his three little brothers, that he has a habit of acting like a hero in front of them. Their family motto is “Always just bump into pretty people”, and so he looks up to both Chihaya and Taichi. His specialty is to stick his tongue out like Peko-chan and take photos of himself on his phone. Favourite Song: Poem #13 From Tsukuba's peak Falling waters have become Mina's still, full flow: So my love has grown to be Like the river's quiet deeps.