Akio Furukawa


Also Known As:

  • Akii

Akio is Nagisa's father. Although he often talks and plays rough, he is kind and sympathetic. His childish side makes it easy for people to befriend him. He runs the Furukawa Bakery with his wife Sanae. In his spare time, Akio plays baseball with children in the small park next to the bakery, and indulges in the Gundam fandom. He is often the victim of Sanae's bread, having to eat her bread in front of her while claiming that he loves it. During the School Life arc, Akio reveals that he was an actor in a theatrical company, but has to quit his job due to Nagisa's health. Akio replaces Youhei's role as the comic relief during the After Story arc, however, he can be serious when needed, as he often gives advice to Tomoya on what it is like to become a man. He tells the story about how Nagisa almost died due to their unintended negligence, and how her life is connected to the city after getting saved from her fever.