Akira Aoi

蒼井 晶

Also Known As:

  • Aki-Lucky

Akira is a model and a Selector. Her LRIG is Piruruku.

Akira has a habit of giving other people short nicknames. Whenever she is fortunate, she says her catchphrase, "Aki-lucky," or "Aki-lovely."

After she beat both Hitoe and Yuzuki, she was infuriated by the fact that nothing had changed as she beat two Selectors. Aggravated by this, she threatened to rip Piruruku's card. Piruruku eggs her on, causing Akira to become further annoyed and reveal her wish to bring down Iona.
After losing to Ruko, she get's provoked into battle by Iona's LRIG, causing her to lose her third battle in a row. After losing to Iona, Akira's wish takes the effect on her, causing her face to get scarred and losing her place in the studio. Since her desire didn't involve necessarily the WIXOSS game, after the wish reversal she still maintains the memories of her first experience with Piruruk and then she gets a second chance as a Selector after acquiring a Blue Demand deck.


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