Akira Sakura

佐倉 明

A ninth grade student who always seems out-of-place, Akira likes to hide in the shadows where she can feel protected from the outside world, nervous of others around her and afraid to trust nearly anyone. Living above her family's restaurant, her parents wish her to try harder in school and not skip day after day. When she does go to school, due to the fact that she is linked with a dragon she named Ein Sof, she often relives visions of falling from the sky—her constant passing out and vomiting in the middle of class makes her a serious outcast to the other students. Instead of trying to free herself of her timidity, she creates further barriers, with the exception of befriending Shiina. During her and Shiina's battle with Komori, he tells Akira that she has beautiful hair, and as soon as the battle is over she locks herself in her room and cuts off her long hair in fear. As a young child, Akira was very friendly and outgoing, but quickly transformed into a hopelessly shy and insecure person after being sexually abused by her father. She keeps all of her pain inside, and tries at first to free herself of that pain by slitting her wrists and later on pointing a gun to her head, but ends up unleashing her rage on her abusive father by killing him with a dagger that Komori gave her. She spends the rest of the manga in a juvenile detention center, but later is apparently released and finds Sudou, who shows her what truly happened to Komori. In volume 12, when Akira is seriously injured by a dragon battle (she had helped Shiina find Sudou, also pulling her out of a paralyzed state when her father dies and urging her to make peace with her mother) and sent to a local hospital, her suffering finally ends when she falls out of a window onto the street below. It is not clear whether she jumped out of the window herself or whether someone pushed her.