Akira Takaoka

高岡 章

The only one of the three members of the computer club at his college Akira does not yet have their own computer, which is why he has saved numerous iron-time jobs in order to finally buy one. Instead of the latest high-end desktop PCs, however, it acquires "accidentally" a bio-computer named Pixie in the shape of a pretty girl at his age. Fortunately for him, his parents live in London, and his sister is on a trip abroad with a volunteer group, so that it this not lead to complications. Compared to others, he gets the other hand already in distress explanation why such a beauty suddenly lives under his roof. Under no circumstances should find someone that it is their is no man, but a computer - he often has to intervene saving when Mimi, as he called them, threatens something to tell in this direction, making it a good sweat brings. Truly sovereign, he turns it on but instead tries the situation with wild Herumgefuchtel and stammering to clean up. An even greater hurdle for him is the particular familiarity of Mimi, which he does find very cute and attractive, her liberal approach to the issue is common to sex as something quite uptight, but rather to be referred to Akira. Still, he tries his best, because Mimi for him just goes out of his. The idea that something might happen to her, he can not stand, so he takes along his courage and selfless in its path if it is danger.