Akito Takagi


Also Known As:

  • Shujin

Age: 14 (debut), 24 (end) Birthdate: January 25, 1994 Blood Type: B Height: 175cm Weight: 66kg Akito is a young 14-year-old who gets some of the best grades in the country and is an award-winning writer. With these brains and writing skills you would think he would have a stable and bright future, but no, this boy has dreams of becoming a mangaka and he is determined to make his dream come true at any cost. Takagi persuades Mashiro into creating a manga with him after he finds out about his amazing drawing abilities. The two work under the pen-name Ashirogi Muto. Takagi specializes in serious and realistic story lines. His favorite manga is Dragon Ball. He eventually dates Miho's best friend, Kaya Miyoshi. Later they get married.