Ako Izumi

和泉 亜子

Seat Number: 5 Born on: 21st of November, 1988 Hair: Light blue Eyes: Amber Likes: cute Band-aids, cleaning Dislikes: blood, fights Clubs: Health Club, Boys Soccer Club (Manager) Ako Izumi is student number five in the class, and a member of the band "Dekopin Rocket." She does not consider herself anyone special, and she is one of the better-behaved members of the class (relatively speaking). She is an assistant nurse at her school, even though she hates to see blood. She is shy and athletic, and also leader of a soccer team. She's not as interested in Negi as most of the other girls, but she cheery and helpful at the same time. She is very lacking in self confidence due to a large scar on her back. She makes every effort to hide it from other people, as she thinks it makes her ugly and unwanted. After being accidentally transported to the Magic World, she is forced to become an indentured servant along with Akira and Natsumi to pay for medication she received. After Negi, disguised as "Nagi" using "Age Deceiving Candy", helps her overcome her scar somewhat, she develops a crush on him, believing him to be Negi's cousin. She eventually finds out that Nagi is actually Negi (who did not understand the real implications of the deception), which leaves her heartbroken, until she confesses her love for the nonexistent Nagi, asking him to fight Rakan for her sake. She eventually makes a pactio with Negi, just before the trip to Old Ostia. The story behind the scar on her back or her phobia of blood is never revealed.