Also Known As:

  • Magi
  • Chibi
  • The 4th Magi
  • Solomon's Proxy
  • Solomon's Avatar
  • Prince Aladdin

Age: 10-11, 12 (currently) Height: 140 cm Weight: 36 kg Family: Solomon Jehoahaz Abraham (Father), Sheba (Mother), David Jehoahaz Abraham (Paternal Grandfather).Allies: Alibaba Saluja, Morgiana, Ugo, Sinbad, Yamraiha, Ja'far, Masrur, Kouha Ren, Kougyoku Ren, Sphintus Carmen, Titus Alexius, Leila, Sahsa, Myers, Irene Smirnoff, Matal Mogamett, Yunan. Enemies: Judar, Al-Thamen, Hakuryuu Ren, Jamil, Ithnan, Isaac, Umm Madaura. Djinn: Ugo (former) Occupation: Magi, Magician, Prince of Alma Torran Affiliation: Alma Torran (former), Sindria Kingdom Aladdin is one of the five Magi in the current era and a Magician. He is the son of King Solomon and Queen Sheba of Alma Torran, and is commonly referred to as Solomon's proxy. Aladdin was raised by Ugo in the Sacred Place and sent to this world to fight Al-Thamen prevent a repeat of the tragic incident that destroyed Alma Torran. As a Magi, Aladdin is very powerful. He can use Magoi and several types of Magic to fight in a battle and can easily overpower strong fighters like Morgiana. It is revealed that he has always known the magic Ugo once used on his hands called Har-Har Infigar. Ugo taught him it just in case, so whenever Ugo used this magic, it was actually Aladdin that supplied the Magoi. He was told in Magnostadt that he is classified as a "Red Magician," one who specializes in flame and heat magic. After his training in Magnostadt, he has become quite skilled using multiple types of magic at once and in combinations. And it is able to use the Wisdom of Solomon. Aladdin has a kind and cheerful personality, and as such he is easily able to make friends. He cherishes friends a lot since he's never really had friends except for Ugo prior to his arrival in the world, and gets upset if people disrespects them or harms them, even holding grudges against those who hurt them. In order to help his friends, he's become dedicated to becoming stronger. Aladdin does everything he can to defend and protect his friends from enemy attack, even to the point of him almost dying due to over-exertion. He's a little naive about the world, not knowing what bazaars or Dungeons are because most of his life was spent in the Room of Fortitude. However, he is rather wise for his age, able to offer advice to others and providing remarkable insight at various points of time. Aladdin never seems condescending when criticizing others, and offers his opinions and thoughts in a matter-of-fact manner. He also has a calm temperament, even able to stay level-headed in dangerous or dire situations to think up of plans and solutions. He's also very eager to learn, demonstrating great enthusiasm in learning magic from Yamraiha and in his classes in Magnostadt. Aladdin isn't shown to be a greedy person as demonstrated when he doesn't use his one wish for fortune or eternal life from Ugo and readily offering his whole bag of coins to hitch a ride to Magnostadt. Despite all this, however, he is quite perverted for his age as he likes to grope women with "large, soft breasts" and according to Alibaba, has "manly interests." Aladdin also has a tendency to eat food that isn't his, such as when he ate all the watermelons in a cart belonging to Alibaba's master as shown in the anime, and Leila's precious watermelons in the manga. He also harbors a secret feeling of loneliness because he's different from everyone else since he's a magician and since he's different even from the three other Magis, him being the fourth Magi that shouldn't even exist. (Source: Magi Character Encyclopedia, Magi Official Guidebook, Magi Wikia)