Alan Claude


Also Known As:

  • Gaijin

Age: 17 Birth date: March 14 Birthplace: Edogawa-ku, Tokyo Bloodtype: O Alan Claude doesn't seem to be an important character at the beginning, only having a cameo in the first season. This "gaijin" (foreigner) is Mexican-Japanese, and although he is well versed in Japanese history and culture, he still speaks broken English. He is a senior student at St. Anastasia Academy, but appears to be a drop-out and homeless. He lives on the streets with bums, and ends up becoming good friends with Sera Rikudou after she loses her memory fighting Tatsuma Hiyuu and the others. In the second season, he starts doing part time work at Club Diva, which is how he's introduced to the Magami students. Alan is comical and merry, always sporting shades and a smirk. However underneath, he is extremely thoughtful and melancholy, traits he shares with Sera. He keeps a lot to himself, and seems to understand more about the supernatural happenings more than others. Danger never fazes this laid-back fellow, and threats are apparently no match for him. He is actually the Vessel of the Azure Dragon, Seiryuu. Alan seems to know this, and understands the power he possesses. He likens himself to the wind. True to nature, during the final battle against Yagyuu, Alan goes to protect Tatsuma Hiyuu, appearing through a torrential wind, and thus awakens the Four Gods and the Golden Dragon. Alan alone seemed to know what his arrival would trigger. Alan is a descendant of Chris (an American cowboy) from the game Tokyo Majin Gakuen: Gehouchou. (Source: Wikipedia, original video game data)