Also Known As:

  • First Generation Vongola Cloud Guardian

Title: Vongola First Cloud Guardian, First Vongola External Advisor, First CEDEF Boss and Founder Gender: Male Birthday: 6 July Weapon: Alaude's Handcuffs Flame: Cloud Alaude headed a secret intelligence agency in an unidentified country. He physically resembles Hibari, and despite their preference for solitude Dino notes that they both show benevolence towards allies, even though Hibari's manner of doing so is outwardly unfriendly and even violent. His Weapon of choice was known as Alaude Handcuffs, and Hibari's Cloud Hedgehog can Cambio Forma into a similar Weapon. Alaude was a powerful fighter who never stood with the rest of the Family. However, it was said that whenever Giotto's and his version of justice coincided, he took down more enemies and showed more compassion than the others. It is later revealed by Daemon Spade that Alaude was Primo's strongest Guardian, and was also the first external advisor of CEDEF. * Alaude's Handcuffs: Handcuffs capable of multiplying rapidly using the Cloud Flame's Propagation. These handcuffs have incredible restraining ability, as well being able to multiply incredibly fast. The cuffs are even capable of changing shape to match the enemy's body shape to completely restrain them. Once the enemy is restrained, this weapon is capable of crushing the enemy to death with a pull of its chains. (Source: Reborn Wikia)[/spoiler]