Anime only Arrancar who sides with Patros in his plan to dethrone S�suke Aizen. Aldegor is tall and bulky Arrancar. He has black spiked up hair, his outfitt consists of the standard Arrancar blouse and what remains of his Hollow mask is a skull with a bull-like horn covering the upper-left quarter of his face. Aldegor sides with Patros in his plan to steal the H�gyoku when Ulquiorra Cifer shows up to stop them Menis attacks him from behind and Aldegor stabs him as he turns around. After the three leave him for dead (not knowing that it was Aizen's Zanpakut� disguised as Ulquiorra) they head over to the real world. While Patros takes off to find the Kisuke Urahara, Menis and Aldegor engaged in battle. Aldegor relases his Zanpakut� and takes on Ikkaku Madarame while Yumichika Ayasegawa complains on not getting his turn. After losing and running away from battle he meets back with Patros only to die from his injuries that he received in battle. With his last words he regrets having join Patros.