Alex Cazellnu


Alex Cazellnu is a vice admiral serving in the Free Planets Alliance. A genius at logistics, he is a military bureaucrat expertising in supply and rear-line support. Uncompromising and possessed with a sharp tongue, he is hated by many of his more authoritative superiors, but at the same time easy going and caring, he has earned the respect of his subordinates. He is one of Yang's oldest and closest friends, they met while he was the chief secretary of Yang's military school and came to Yang's aid numerous times. Alex is married with Hortence Milbear and has two young daughters, his family is a very happy one and he is often used by his friends as an example for the ideal family man. He often encourages the melancholic and romantically incompetent Yang to marry and find the happiness that eludes him, in love and family. He is also the one who entrusted Julian Minci in Yang's care.