Alexandria Meat


Also Known As:

  • Meat-kun

Meat is of Planet Kinniku's Churrasco Tribe whom was entrusted by his father Mince to Mayumi Kinniku of the Kinniku tribe for the greater good of the planet. Meat then is sent to Earth to retrieve the long lost prince Suguru Kinniku (Kinnikuman, known as Suguru Muscle in Ultimate Muscle). He wears glasses and has the hiragana characters Niku (�� Meat) on his forehead. Also, although a member of the Churrasco Tribe, he has the Kinniku Clan's KIN Mark (KINマーク) on his chest that is similar to the old JIS Mark 〄. He serves as Kinnikuman's eyes and personal assistant. In the early days he and Kinnikuman frequently quarrel with one another, usually because of Kinnikuman cowardice and/or laziness. They would also often fight over Mari Nikaidou's affection. Meat has two older sisters, the beautiful Medium Rare (ミディアム・レアー) and the fat and ugly Kalbi Liver (カルビ・レ�ー). His glasses are his weakness, whenever they are broken he ceases to function. Also, when he presses his temple a bright light shines from the Niku characters on his forehead. In Kinnikuman Nisei, he has cryogenically frozen himself, leaving him with an unchanged appearance, so as to serve Kinnikuman's son Mantaro Muscle (Mantaro Kinniku). He refers to Kinnikuman as Ouji (王�, Prince) (Ouji-sama (王�様) in the earlier chapters) and refers to Mantaro as Nisei (II世 Second) (Junior in the English manga). After Meat and Mari Nikaidou's reunion, most fans consider them to be a couple, though it has yet to be seen. (Source: Wikipedia)