Alford Markina


Alford is a skilled swordsman who crossed paths with Yuri in the early seasons of Kyo Kara Maoh. Alford has long, brown hair, parted down the middle, with his bangs cut short and the rest reaching past his shoulders. He wears a blue undershirt which matches his eyes, and a red vest with a white trim. Alford was mislead for years to believe that Demons were evil, and he trained extensively in order to destroy them. However, after meeting Yuri, he realizes that he was wrong and even managed to befriend them. Alford is confronted by Velma who convinces him to join her on their quest to slay a dragon. He agrees, and when he meets Yuri and Conrad in the forest, they cross swords. Conrad is revealed to have known Alford's father and it manages to break his ideals. He protects them from a rogue dragon, gaining favor with the king. (Source: Kyou kara Maou Wikia)