Alicia Testarossa


Alicia is Precia's biological daughter. They lived a happy life until Alicia died at the age of eight, driving her mother insane. Precia preserved Alicia's body in a glass tank and dedicated her life to obtaining the Jewel Seeds, which could lead her to Al Hazard, the legendary place that could restore her daughter. Using Alicia's DNA, Precia created a clone called Fate to gather the jewels for her. Fate, implanted with Alicia's memories, was abused to no end by her "mother," but remained painfully loyal until the truth was discovered. In the end, Alicia's body fell into the void with Precia. In the second season, the Book of Darkness draws Fate into a dream of what she has always wanted: a happy family life. Precia is sane, Alicia is Fate's older sister, and everything appears good. Alicia wishes that Fate could stay in the dream with her forever, but Fate sadly refuses, saying that her friends need her more right now. After Fate refuses, Alicia tells Fate that she wishes they were both together in reality and tells Fate to go back to her strong and gentle friends. (Source: Wikipedia) In MSLN Movie 1st it was confirmed that she was left-handed in contrast to Fate.