Alielle Relryle


Alielle Relrye is Princess Fatora's lesbian lover (there is no indication in the narrative that they are closeted in any way), she is introduced when she returns to the royal palace after visiting her parents and sneaks into Fatora's bedroom while Makoto (still dressed as Fatora) is in bed. When she learns the whole truth, she becomes worried for the real Fatora's safety and assists Makoto and Fujisawa as they travel to see the three priestesses of Mt. Muldoon, serving as their guide. Alielle's Personality shifts considerably in the later series. Free from the influence of Fatora, she’s a capable and loyal (if somewhat oversexed) friend to the travelers from Earth. However, in the presence of Fatora, she turns into a sycophantic toady whose main role is to aid the princess in her perpetual plots to sexually harass and occasional assault the other female characters. Interestingly, in the opening sequence of the first OVA, there is a brief shot of Alielle wielding a curved sword, but she never actually actively participates in any combat over the course of the series. Alielle in The Wanderers With Fatora gone, Alielle's lesbian traits are reduced (eliminated altogether in the dub version beyond a few ambiguious comments in various places and an implied romantic interlude between her and Nanami in the last episode), but she otherwise remains very much the same sort of character as before. Alielle has a severe infatuation with red hair, and as a result, can't keep from molesting Shayla-Shayla most any chance she gets. Curiously, Fatora's hair isn't red. (Source: Wikipedia)