Alice Color


Age: 16 Race: Human Class: 3-4 School: Goran Academy One of Dee's classmates in Goran Academy. He acts slightly like a delinquent and is usually calm and composed. Both he and Ai had the same objective—saving the world—though he states his plan is to do it by destroying it. Despite the slightly similar hair style and color, he is different from the man in a lion mask earlier encountered by Ai in Ortus. He has an ability named "Buzzer Beater" which allows him to never miss on any kind of aimed shot - whether it is throwing basketballs or shooting with guns. He and his friends later escape from Goran Academy. It is revealed that he came from a town where time is stuck in a loop and that he and Dee are the only people from there who are aware of the repetition of events. For 14 years Alice searched for a way to end the time loop, even leading him to kill his classmates and try to destroy the town to demonstrate the time loop. He later managed to escape with Dee but was unable to save all his other friends who do not realize they are stuck in a time loop even after all his efforts. Due to these circumstances Alice is also unable to age and is forever 16 years old. His goal is to save his classmates and bring them to the outside world, by destroying the time loop world that traps all of them. It is revealed in the last episode that Alice is in fact the one from Class 3-4 who died in an accident. On July 28th fourteen years ago Alice saved Dee from falling off the window and fell to his own death in the process. After this tragedy the entire class wished to forget all about it and keep living their happy days forever, which was what caused the time loop. As a result the entire class also forgot the real version of events after the world reset. His classmates, having forgotten the truth, came to believe that Dee was the one who didn't survive - and Dee herself also believed she was the one who passed away on that day. Later, Alice finally realizes along with Ai that he was the classmate who died 14 years ago, leading to his classmates and the entire town's population to become able to leave the time loop, leaving him behind. At the end, Alice is shown beside Ai, both standing in front of his grave, showing that Alice was in fact saved by Ai; her own wish to save him replacing the improper wish made by his classmates 14 years earlier that kept him alive in a closed world with a time loop. (Source: Kami Nichi Wikia)