A contractor who started her own religion intended for those like herself. Pursued by the Syndicate for killing one of their operatives, her congregation is in danger of being brought down. It is she who first brings to light what contractors really are and how they differ from normal humans, this truth being the reason why she started her religion. Her contract is the ability to transform her physical appearance to match a target exactly at the cost of her longevity. Thus, because of her skills, she had been utilized as an infiltrator and assassin. Though young in appearance to her followers, her true form is that of an elderly woman due to extensive use of her contract. She later exhibits emotions unlike a contractor where she truly wished to create a haven for her fellow contractors. She relayed her past and ambitions to Hei as her last message, accepting her fate, which in of itself was not befitting of a contractor to do so, since she could've prolonged her life by escaping.