Alto Saotome


Also Known As:

  • Princess
  • Alto-kun

Age: 17 Birthday: July 27 A high school student in the Mihoshi Academy Pilot Training course. As a result of his fine features and long hair he is often mistaken for a girl at first glance, even receiving the nickname 'Hime' (Princess). His appearance was revealed to have been inherited from his late mother, Miyo. Despite this, he is otherwise a rather normal, though somewhat aloof and standoffish, boy. Born into a well-known Kabuki family, his persistent yearning for the skies has made for a thorny relationship with his father, who has disowned him. He constantly frets about living aboard Macross Frontier due to the lack of a true 'sky'. After getting the chance to pilot the VF-25 Messiah variable fighter his flying skills draw the attention of Ozma Lee, who accepts him as a candidate for the S.M.S. Skull Squadron. He develops emotional bonds with both Sheryl and Ranka through out the series and in the final episode, he states that Sheryl and Ranka are both his wings. There is never a conclusion to the love triangle in the series and is left open ended. Love Triangle Conclusion In Sayonara no Tsubasa, the second version of the film (An alternate version of the TV series) there is a conclusion to the love triangle. At the very end he calls out to Ranka, but tells her that he cannot return her feelings. He is sorry, but tells her thank you as well. Alto turns to Sheryl and starts to tell her how he feels, but gets cut off before he can (though it is pretty obvious that he was saying I love you). The movie ends with Alto MIA... whether or not he returns is left up to your imagination