Amata Sora


The main protagonist whose element power is levitation. Unable to control his powers as it activates every time he is scared or excited, he wears special boots with weights as a prevention to his element power in case it was accidentally activated. He shunned his ability since childhood until he used it to protect Mikono from an attack of the Abductors and took control of a vector, broke the seal Aquaria has in place to prevent Union between male and female and call upon the true name to invoke Aquarion Evol. It is shown that he has "Wings" on his feet. Amata is actually Alicia's son, abandoned by her when he was a child, he grew up angry on her for leaving him behind, until she reveals to him that she left Vega to help his father Izumo, not taking him with her to ensure his safety. It was also during that moment, that he was split into two different beings by Mykage, the other being Kagura. After finishing the Special Training of the Grave devised by Zen Fudo he can now freely summon the Wings on his feet and is able to create a special skill called Detachment Wings allowing him to deflect Kagura's Power of Reversal. Source: Wikipedia