Also Known As:

  • Rain Sprite

The Ame-warashi is also known as a rain sprite or rain maker. She is a proud, high ranking spirit/sprite who has a very hostile attitude toward humans due to the fact that "humans have no care or regard whatsoever with living nature". She comes to Yūko to ask for the service of Watanuki to save someone at a park containing hydrangeas. In the anime, she is portrayed as a good, protective friend of the Zashiki-warashi. She also has the ability to detect differences in characters and likely special abilities, as implied by her ill feeling of Himawari and the "refreshing" or "pure" scent she detects emitting from D�meki. She appears again with the Zashiki-warashi to see Watanuki and remains hostile towards him, though she also makes a cryptic remark as to Watanuki's true nature. Her hair in the anime is red, however there are colored Clamp pieces that show her hair as blue. The concept of an Ame-warashi is based on a spirit from Japanese folklore.