Also Known As:

  • IQ09

A squat, human-sized robot who originally worked in the EDF's hospital, Analyzer joins the Yamato crew on his own request, believing it to be the only place he can truly prove himself. He is capable of extending his arms, separating into independently-moving pieces, lifting and throwing enemy tanks, withstanding forcefields and sensing various forms of energy, but is unable to restrain himself from sexually harassing Yuki on several occasions. He is in fact in love with her, but when she proves unable to return his affections, he settles for friendship. Something of a wisecracker, he frequently forms a double-act with Dr. Sado. He is also capable of becoming intoxicated, narrowly avoiding disaster on one occasion. Analyzer is a pervert (or "stupid pervert robot") according to Yuki when he reveals her underwear making her angry. In 2199, Analyzer is a part of Yamato's system as in independent processor and have no relationship thus far with Yuki. (Source: Yamato Wikia)