Jinzouningen 19-gou


Also Known As:

  • Android 19

19 is one of the first Artificial Humans seen in Dragon Ball Z. He is an energy absorbing-model, round in appearance with alabaster-colored skin. #19 is the only other energy absorbing model type Artificial Human outside of #20 and Super #17. Artificial Human #19 was actually created for the sole purpose of transporting Dr. Gero's brain to his Artificial Human body. Gero later decided to make Artificial Human #19 into a combat Artificial Human and appeared 3 years after Future Trunks warning alongside Artificial Human #20. He is completely mechanical and has no actual personality. Though not particularly strong, he managed to beat Goku in battle due to the heart virus that he had contracted. #19 almost killed Goku by draining him of his energy, but he was interrupted by Vegeta who proceeded to beat him quite effortlessly. Vegeta then transformed into a Super Saiyan and taunted him mercilessly. After #19 had his energy absorbing hands literally yanked off by Vegeta, he tried to flee only to be vaporized by Vegeta's "big bang attack" leaving only his head behind. Many years later, in Dragon Ball GT, everyone escapes from Hell and Android 19 is among them. He is easily defeated by energy blasts from Son Goten and Trunks, the son of Vegeta.